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Chained to Tech Garden

Project type:

Show Garden


Everest Garden Landscapes

J.Parker's approached Rachel to design their first show garden in 20 years at RHS Tatton Park to highlight their work with mental health charities for their 90th birthday.

The 'Chained to Tech' garden highlights one charity which helps young people with technological addiction amongst younger generations. The garden addresses its increasing prevalence and its effect on wellbeing, supporting ongoing research between J. Parker's and Manchester Metropolitan University.

The design draws inspiration from the physical components of technological devices. Polished brass strips provided by Liquidmetal, much like USB connectors, are used along the ground and as wall adornments. Rebar, abstractly presenting technological cables, can be seen on the arbour and fence line, while laser-cut panels mimic circuit board patterns.

The design also draws inspiration from the effects of technological addiction. A textual concrete finish, Shou-Sugi-Ban timber and corten effect steel were used to evoke a weathered and moody feel which represents the declining mental health of addicts.

Drought-tolerant, low maintenance plants have been included to represent the dry eyes caused by excessive screen use and the decrease in activity and self-care seen in addicted young adults. Furthermore, the garden is full of vibrant, bold colour, simulating the euphoric feeling and instant gratification using technological provides.

Seating areas like the binary hanging chair provide by Dzome and the gabion full of salvaged technological equipment, are provided for young adults to digitally detox, create new connections with horticulture and encourage face-to-face interactions.

Photos courtesy of Julie Skelton.

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