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The COVID Recovery Garden

Project type:

Show Garden


Everest Garden Landscapes consulted by Gareth Wilson

This accessible, restorative hospital garden has been designed to provide a safe space for patients suffering from long COVID and other long-term lung conditions to obtain all the benefits fresh air provides. Fresh air is said to energise and improve one’s immune system; relieve insomnia, anxiety, and stress; reduce lung inflammation and increases one’s airway space. All of which will aid patients’ recovery. In addition, the garden contains air-purifying plants such as holly, yew, and birch as well as remedial plants like lungwort, benefitting lung health.

The garden's shape is based on the Caduceus, the staff of Hermes, often used as a medical symbol. The top of the staff is represented by a transparent circular arbour under which staff and patients can sit all year round. Curved porcelain paths representing the winding snakes, have the patina of Verdigris (the result of copper oxidisation). This symbolises the lungs absorbing oxygen.

Adjacent to the arbour, a rain garden collects and filters water from the arbour roof. This also features a steel rill overhead, representing the staff aspect of Caduceus. At the end of the rill, in the third sphere there stands a tree with public messages of support and remembrance written on a metallic hanging tree ornaments. Beneath this tree, lies a sculpture inspired by the spike protein anatomy of COVID-19, representing a patient’s victory and emerging recovery.

Grants and investments from very generous Charitable Trusts & Foundations as well as local businesses have ensured that the garden could be donated and re-built in its entirety at Brookside Clinic an NHS community hospital in Aylesbury for patient and staff use.

They are:

Tatton Asset Management
Shanley Foundation
William Harding's Charity

This garden also wouldn't be possible without the most amazing companies, who I would highly recommend to anyone for their impeccable service and products:

Aquacut Group; Caledonian Stone; Vande Moortel; Ultrascape; Deepdale; Core Landscape Products; Glossop Aggregate and Fuel Supplies; Alken Engineering; Pictorial Meadows and Platipus Landscape Solutions.

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