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Bovingdon Green

Project type:

Town Garden


Design Only

Situated on the edge of the Chilterns, near protected woodland and rolling fields, it was easy to find inspiration for this garden. 

The naturalistic planting was based on the transition from wood to field, with meadow-like borders closer to the residence and a woodland border along the back. Like the native plants seen in the fields, a colour palette of yellow, white and pops of blue helped unify these borders. Similarly, the palette of hard materials for the paving was based on the colours found in the local material - flint.  

​A key component and stand out feature of this garden was the Pyrus parasol seating area. While the dappled shade of the Pyrus contributed to the woodland theme at the back of the property, it also created a natural inviting and sheltered respite from the elements. Two more of these Pyrus Calleryana 'Chanticleer' were used in front of the existing trellis to screen off the shed. 

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