Inspired by Luciano Giubbilei's earlier work evoking the gardens of Le Notre, this elegant, formal garden evokes a sense of calm and refinement in juxtaposition to the hustle and bustle of London. 

Minimalism in planting and repetition creates a quiet, sophisticated space for relaxing in. Pleached hornbeam trees not only add height and screening to this scheme but also create interesting shadows across a lawn that is defined by stone edging. The layered hedging underneath grounds the trees by breaking up the height. 

The bones and clean lines of this garden are drawn out from those of the residence, while a full-width flight of steps, the same diameter as the new extension, frames the view of the garden from the sliding doors and makes the space feel generous in its proportions.

At the far end, a generous seating area under a lit-up feature wall encourages the clients to move out into the garden for their evening tipple. Positioned on the wall is a sculpture by Nigel Hall that creates depth and a restful visual stop for the viewer.