Hampton Court Flower Show

Early Autumn 2020, RPGD was approached to design a world-class trade stand for a well renowned local sculpture artist, Dawn Conn. After hearing Dawn's vision for the trade stand on an inspiring visit to her studio, this design was created. 

With 5 large sculptures to include within a 3 x 4m site, every inch was utilised and carefully considered so that the sculptures were framed and could be experienced from a variety of interesting angles.


Crucial to Dawn's vision was the position of a large diver near a water feature. The layout of the stand allowed the diver to become the centre of attention, drawing people in for a 360 view. A water rill was positioned vertically to the statue so it looked as if the diver is jumping into it. At the heart of this decision was to reflect the playfulness Dawn has with her sculptures. 

True also to her style and inspiration, this design is bold with its planting and strong with its lines. The journey around the space is complex, just like life's journey -  which is where Dawn draws a lot of her ideas and design decisions.